Rehabilitated Sea Turtles Released Back into Ocean

StoryfulWeatherPublished: June 22, 201731 views
Published: June 22, 2017

Hundreds of people gathered on Virginia Beach, Virginia, on June 22 to see off four rehabilitated Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles as they were released back into the ocean. The turtles, named Llama, Chartreuse, Sea Foam Green and Max, were admitted to the Virginia Aquarium’s Marine Science Center for a variety of reasons, including cold stun and being hooked by an angler. The turtle named Llama was entangled in marine debris and lost a flipper, according to the aquarium. “‘Llama’ was found by a fisherman floating off of Cedar Island on 01 October, 2016,” said the aquarium in an email to Storyful. “The animal was entangled in a woven Tyvek bag around the front left flipper…. Upon admit, the left front flipper was noted as having evidence of prolonged entanglement and, unfortunately, the flipper was not able to be saved. Under general anesthesia, the left front flipper was amputated on 10 October, 2016. ‘Llama’ recovered well from the surgery, and was on systemic antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medications for inflammation. ‘Llama’ received cold-laser therapy and passive range of motion exercises to help heal and strengthen the right front flipper. After 7 months of rehabilitation, ‘Llama’ is clear of infection, has strong range of motion in the right front flipper, and was cleared for release.” Credit: Twitter/Marie T Culver via Storyful

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