Giant Injured Squid Clings To A Man's Surfboard

StoryfulPublished: June 22, 2017Updated: June 23, 2017376 views
Published: June 22, 2017Updated: June 23, 2017

Squid are much more intelligent than once thought and their communication is far more complex than previously believed. Through a combination of posture, color, shape and even lights on their bodies, squid are able to convey complex messages to each other. They are even capable of expressing one message to a squid on their right side while they express a completely different message to a squid on their left. This would be similar to a human trying to carry on two telephone conversations at once.

Squid are a rare sight for divers and swimmers. Considered the most intelligent invertebrates, along with the octopus, squid are highly developed. They can change color and even communicate through lights on their bodies. These messages assist in hunting, socializing and avoid predators. Squid have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. With eight arms and two tentacles, they are very capable swimmers.

This is a story of a obviously confused and injured squid. He finds him self stranded close to the shores of Cape Town where he swims upon a crowd of board surfers. He can't help but cling to this man's board since he doesn't have the strength to keep going.

James Taylor was surfing in Melkbosstrand, South Africa when he spotted a giant injured squid. Taylor approached the squid and, to his surprise, the squid clung on to his surfboard and wouldn’t let go.

Take a look how this story develops!
Credit: James Taylor via Storyful

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    • 1 rumble
      Lgill20813 · 32 weeks ago

      That’s not a giant squid, that’s a Humboldt squid! And why was it cut so short ? what happened to the squid???

    • 1 rumble
      KristenM1030 · 30 weeks ago

      What do you mean “look how the story unfolds?” It doesn’t unfold, just suddenly cuts off in the middle while the squid is still hanging onto the surf board. I would liked to know what the outcome was considering my heart broke for the poor thing. I wish you wouldn’t have posted the video and story without knowing and being able to give us a conclusion. Now that’s all I’m going to think about.