Man Can't Deal With British Heat Wave

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Published: June 22, 2017

If there is one skill that is of the utmost importance in life, it’s to be able to take the bad times with the brightest smile you’ve ever had. A funny video has emerged of a man coming home from work and collapsing into a paddling pool in his garden. The footage, shot in Burscough, UK, shows Tony Wright pushing his daughter away as she welcomes him home and rushing to the pool in the garden to cool down.

We all know that we are fighting a war against time to save our planet. Ecologists are warning us every day that our planet is dying, and it is all our fault. We hear stories about the rise of the ocean levels due to climate change, we read about PM10 and PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere, about floating islands of trash in the middle of our oceans, about holes in the ozone layers, about deforestation. But it doesn’t really get to us.

Civilization has grown a lot in the past few centuries. We’ve managed to evolve from being nomads to flocking just one place and creating traditions that last centuries. The new millenium found us living in concrete jungles, totally unaware of what is happening in the world around us. We hear the warnings but we don’t really understand what they mean. It almost looks like it’s happening to someone else living on a planet far, far away.

The expansion of humankind is inevitably the downfall of nature. We constantly tear down ecosystems so that we can build our own, eradicating whole species in the blink of an eye. The animals living in these areas are forced to live inside of our system, or perish.

There are many sceptics out there that don’t want to believe in global warming. They might say that it’s all a scam, that it’s a ll created by a select few to keep the world living in the ultimate paranoia, but the truth is that global warming is here, and unless we man up and change our behavior from the roots upwards, we will be responsible for killing our planet. There is no second or third planet. It might take us years to find a good substitute, or we might never make it, but the problem isn’t in the availability or the stage of development of our space programs, but rather of the time we have left here on this ticking bomb we call home.

It is true, governments can do a whole lot more to stop the process. From bans of single use plastics, to eradicating non renewable sources of electricity they can regulate each sphere of our society to help the world battle against the ever present pollution. It might not happen overnight, but it will pay off in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s not only their actions that should matter. The Earth citizens need to be taught a good lesson in ecology. It’s not okay to whine about government officials and their inactivity in ecology matters and then turn around and buy a plastic bottle of water. It’s important to rethink our own ways because in the end, it’s all 7 billion of us that are responsible for the state that we are living in.
There are visible changes in the Earth’s behavioral patterns. There are less and less seasons in the world. It seems that we only experience scorching hot summers and freezing winters. Places where there used to be a lot of sun throughout the year are now drowning in monsoon-like flash floods. Hurricanes appear in the most unusual places and high temperatures are breaking the norm in places where it’s continuously chilly throughout the summer. The heat waves are responsible for numerous deaths throughout the northern parts of Europe and North America where average summer temperatures are in the 60-70 °F. Just think about it all before you grab your car keys or pay for the next bottled drink.

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