Young Roos Enjoy Bottle Feed All In A Row

StoryfulPublished: June 21, 2017Updated: June 23, 201795 views
Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 23, 2017

A mid-morning bottle feed was relished by six young kangaroos in the care of a Victorian wildlife shelter on Wednesday, June 21. The shelter released footage of the roos looking deeply satisfied with their meal as part of a call for donations. Jade, Furball, Misty, Dave, Sophie and Daisy are among those rescued by the non-profit shelter, carer Theresa Matthews told Storyful.

Animal carer Theresa Matthews and her husband Anthony run Our Haven Wildlife Shelter Inc in Golden Beach, on the south-east coast of Victoria. They rescue injured or orphaned joeys and spend a lot of the time feeding their adorable house guests.

This video is just a glimpse of what their everyday life looks like, where they spend their days “up to their armpits” in kangaroos. The footage shows one of their many duties as carers to these little wildlife animals – bottle feeding.

These five baby kangaroos have been at the shelter since the couple found them around the Gippsland area. They've been with the shelter for a year.

Kangaroos are in the Macropodidae family, which also includes tree-kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, quokkas and pademelons. When people think of kangaroos, the four species that typically come to mind are in the genus Macropus: the antilopine kangaroo, the red kangaroo, the western gray kangaroo and the eastern gray kangaroo. They are sometimes referred to as the "great kangaroos" because these species are much larger than other kangaroos.

The Our Haven Wildlife Shelter Inc currently is looking after 27 eastern grey kangaroos, two swamp wallabies and a wombat.

Credit: Our Haven Wildlife Shelter via Storyful

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