Owner takes shower, parrot plays with shower curtains

Published June 21, 2017 2,446 Plays $6.79 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen you get a pet, you don't just bring an animal into your home, you bring a new member of the family. They might not fight for their share of the inheritance, but they will fight for your attention. Some more than others, animals require the attention of their human companion for a multitude of reasons; some like to be noticed, while others like to show you that they are part of the pack.

While people tend to get animals they can interact with easily, say a dog or a cat, because they can pet them when they want to and can teach them basic domestic “manners”, others opt for the more exotic creatures, like big tropical birds. Parrots make great pets, the bigger ones can even have a sort-off conversation with you, but don't think that you can just keep them on their perches; they will demand your attention as much as your standard Lab!

Charlie, the blue-and-yellow macaw is the best example for this. See, his owner is in the shower; showering should be respected as some alone time, right? Charlie doesn't know that; instead, she wants to play with the shower curtain, which in turn draws her owners attention! Clever bird, don't you think?