Daring Bald Eagle Snatches Fish From Boat

StoryfulPublished: June 21, 2017Updated: June 22, 20171,828 views
Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 22, 2017

British Columbia resident Ashton Philips took to his boat on June 16 hoping to catch some fish. He succeeded, but the fish was snatched by an unlikely culprit; a bald eagle! Luckily, Ashton was able to capture the theft on camera and slow the recording down to show every detail of the eagle’s movements. The video received over one million views after being uploaded to Facebook. Credit: Ashton Phillips via Storyful

The video highlights the majestic yet frightening actions of the bald eagle and nature itself! Seeing that eagle swoop down in slow motion without a care in the world, shows the freedom in nature at its finest. The bald eagle is truly a predator that should not be messed with, despite the location.

This fisherman must be devasted yet amazed that he lost his catch to the eagle. He could always get another fishing rod on Amazon to help haul in the next big catch!

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    • 1 rumble
      BroncoBob · 1 year ago

      Great video! Wonderful editing, what a gorgeous bird, such a magnificent Predator. No wonder it's a protected species, the United States of America made such a wise decision in making this bird a representative of our Great country

      • 1 rumble
        BroncoBob · 1 year ago

        Oh yes, sorry about your loss, I'm sure you can make up for it, in viewing the landscape and the waters, there's plenty more fish to be caught. Thank's for sharing.