World’s Cutest Petting Zoo Of Baby Animals Playing Together

Published June 19, 2017 725 Plays

Rumble This video of the world’s cutest petting zoo featuring orphaned baby animals will melt your heart. It shows a great mix of animals lovingly interacting with each other, all playing in the same crib, including two baby skunks, four kittens, a white-tailed fawn and a baby raccoon. Cuteness overload here I come!

This video was filmed on June 12 by Tammy Virgin of Hochatown Petting Zoo in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, USA, who said she never expected the footage to gain popularity as it did. People should be reminded that wild animals are not pets and should not be removed from their natural habitat.

Watch as the baby animals learn how to interact with each other in the most adorable way! They are all tucked inside the same crib and have to show some manners, and learn how to play together! It is amazing how all of them move in perfect harmony, minding their own business, and being all cute in the process!

Despite of being a petting zoo, Hochatown offers rehabilitation programs through the state, and once the rescued animals are healthy again, they are released back into the wild.
The baby animals were having their beds cleaned out, that is why they were put in the same crib, and staff had gathered the animals together while preparing their food.

The long-term goal is to have the petting zoo and wildlife rehabilitation as separate entities, and all monetary gains from the zoo to go back into animal well-being, from vet bills to food and bedding.