Amazing Moment Lion Adopts Baby Antelope Who Lost Its Mom

Caters_NewsPublished: June 19, 201731,048 views
Published: June 19, 2017

They say love is universal and this big feline proves it! Graeme Mitchley, a 45-year-old deputy head teacher who was on a trip at Kruger National Park in South Africa with his wife captured a moment that will brandish you forever.

The couple came across one of the young princes of the jungle, carefully taking care of an abandoned antelope calf in some bushes. The young lion can be seen licking the calf as it lay between his front paws, totally unfazed that it is being taken care of by the same creature that can make him his dinner.

Graeme said: 'At first, it looked like a lioness carrying her cub. However, at second glance, it turned out to be a lion carrying a newborn antelope.” The giant feline eventually grabs the calf by the neck and takes it away, so no one can know for sure whether the calf stayed in the lion’s pride, or became another course on the menu.

The Mitchleys say that they couldn’t be sure whether something happened to the antelope’s mother, or if she was just grazing and wandered too far off from her calf.

“We visit the Kruger often but this was a rare sighting for both of us.” said the couple. “That's why the Kruger National Park is the best place on Earth, you never know what lies in wait around the following bend.”

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