Eight-Month-Old Baby Cries For A Glass Of Beer

NewsflarePublished: June 16, 2017Updated: June 17, 2017402 views
Published: June 16, 2017Updated: June 17, 2017

This funny video of an inconsolable Georgian baby crying for beer was shot in June in Tbilisi, showing the eight-month-old Demetre crying. Apparently, parents figured that his crying was for a reason, when he stopped crying only after being presented with a glass of beer.

Demetre saw the glass of beer and started crying, and he continued until we gave him the glass, after which he immediately stopped, explains the mother. Watch as Demetre changes from uncontrollably crying to instantly smiling, in seconds apart. This baby sure knows that the golden fluid is something special and delightful.

We all know that babies cannot control their emotions and get easily distracted by the new objects they spot, after which they immediately want to own them. Parents should know this and not be surprised by baby’s reaction because it is normal for Demetre to want the beer if he sees the bear. That is the baby logic.

Notice Demetre’s wonderment, surprise, and joy, when he gets the glass. We bet he will change his mind if he takes a sip and experiences the taste.

However amusing this video may be, parents shouldn’t introduce alcoholic beverages to their babies that early in life. Babies might remember the smell of the drink and fixating on it, or develop a bad habit of wanting to drink from any glass that is not their own baby cup or bottle.

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