Bald eagles adopt hawk chick, usually it’s mortal enemy

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Published: June 16, 2017

This occurrence is a once-in-a-lifetime event for wildlife photographers and bird watchers! A pair of bald eagles have decided to adopt the young of their mortal enemy and raise it as their own. This incredible footage that has been captured shows the eagle parents feeding the red-tail hawk chick in their nest as if it were their own.

Red-tail hawks and and bald eagles are sworn and bitter enemies in their natural habitat in British Columbia. They can often be seen in the skies, battling their vicious aerial fights. That is why this act of selflessness of behalf of the eagle parents has stunned wildlife experts.

The wildlife experts believe that the hawk chick was originally stolen from it's nest to serve as food for the bald eagles, but the chick's cries have probably prompted the female's maternal instincts and she decided to raise it instead. Dr. David Bird of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, assumes that the little bird's begging for food probably made the bald eagle mom say “OK, there's an open, gaping mouth. Why not put food in it instead”.

The red-tailed hawk chick is being raised with the eagles' three other chicks, in a nest up on a Douglas fir, which is inside a bird sanctuary.

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