Check Out What Really Happens When Your Car Runs Out Of Gas

RobDahmPublished: July 15, 20174,865 views
Published: July 15, 2017

If you happen to drive a car, then you are probably familiar with the low gas warning sign. The warning usually comes when there are about 50 do 65 miles worth of gas left in the tank, according to manufacturers, but people have long believed that that is just as a pessimistic precaution and there are probably 10 extra miles in the tank before it runs off completely.

Rob Dahm, a sports car connoisseur, says that the fuel economy on today’s cars is actually pretty accurate and that there is no such thing as a “pessimistic precaution”. He made a bet that the car has a hidden gallon of gas in reserve.

So, with the odometer on his Cadillac at 57069 miles and the gas tank showing at low, with estimated 50 more miles to go, Rob goes out on the highway to see how far will he get.

Surprisingly enough, the car starts to shake and eventually shuts off completely, with the odometer stopping at 57139 miles. If you are good at math, then you will figure out that Rob managed to pass 20 more miles after the low gas warning.

There you have it! GM is giving you a few ‘undocumented’ miles, probably to let you get to safety or to a gas station. However, Rob is advising you not to rely on it; even though this is a real world example, you should never leave your car running ‘on fumes’.

Better safe than sorry!

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