Pilot reveals gender of second baby with plane

NewsflarePublished: June 15, 2017Updated: June 17, 2017174 views
Published: June 15, 2017Updated: June 17, 2017

Gender reveal parties are becoming a huge hit. What with new parents trying to surprise everyone attending, all these insane ideas come up - in seems that balloons in a box just don’t make the cut anymore.

You’ve seen the shooting of the surprise box, you’ve seen the cupcakes, you have even seen the tough piñata ball that needed a machete to open. But we bet you have yet to see a gender reveal using an agricultural airplane!

The video, filmed in Mexico on June 11, shows the light aircraft flying low over a dusty runway, as pink dust pours out the back, revealing that his second child is a girl. Congrats to the expecting parents!

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