Adorable Girl Sees Dad Without A Beard For The First Time

Published June 14, 2017 33,503 Views

While still young, most children have grown accustomed to the way that their parents tend to look. The familiarity is what allows them to be comfortable around their parents and it only grows stronger with time. Well in this situation, things take a bit of an unfamiliar change, and the result is hilarious. By Luke Kenton, this is the hilarious moment an adorable toddler doesn’t recognize her own dad as she sees him clean shaven for the very first time. At home in Dover Plains, New York, USA, Arya Zeller is in for a big surprise as she bounds towards her dad, Joe, who has half of his head shaven, more importantly, his face.

To pull of a look like this, you will obviously need to have a good razor to get the job done. With all the different types of razors out there, it is not too hard to get the closest shave possible. Usually when men have big and thick beards, they will use a variety of tools to get back to that nicely clean shaven face that they have hidden all that hair. Usually a pair of hair clippers will get the job started, followed by an electric hair shaver to cut it even shorter, and finally it comes down to personal preference; the straight razor or your average run of the mill razor. Both promise great results. Be sure not to cut yourself in the process!

If you're someone with a big beard and want to shock some of your friends and family, feel free to follow the regimen listed above! Sometimes you just want some change in your life, so why not? Be sure to catch their reaction to your newly shaven face on video, just like this man did.

Check out this toddler not recognizing her father once he becomes clean shaven!

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