Syrian Army Claims Advances in Western Raqqa

StoryfulNewsPublished: June 14, 2017
Published: June 14, 2017

The Syrian army on June 13 claimed sudden advances along the western edge of Raqqa. This comes as Islamic State fighters are reportedly retreating from Raqqa amid the US-backed Syrian Defense Forces battle to re-capture the city. This footage, released by a Hezbollah-affiliated and pro-government media channel, claims to show regime forces fighting the Islamic State in west Raqqa. The media channel also reported the regime has re-taken the neighborhoods of Rajm Askar, Bir Inbaj, Zahar Um Baj, Jab Aziz, Jab al-Ghanem, Abu Sousa and Jab Abyad. Storyful cannot independently verify this claim. Reuters reported: “The area between Ithriya and Tabqa, west of Islamic State’s de facto Syrian capital Raqqa, is important for the army since it can be used to attack government-held towns and supply routes.”

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