Camera Captures The Moment Dog Realizes His Family Is Leaving Him At The Shelter

starfisherPublished: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 2017403 views
Published: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 2017

There are moments when you feel like you can see into the soul of someone or something. Words are not needed, and it's as if the emotions are as palpable and raw as a fresh burn to the skin. That basically summarizes the feelings I had when watching the video below of the owners who left their dog at a shelter in May 2017.

The dog, who goes by the name Electra, was surrendered by her family and placed in a California shelter. In the video below, her eyes are marked with a sadness that sears deep into her heart and soul.

The cowering position of Electra's ears and body only emphasizes the utter fear and loneliness that she is now facing at being left by family she felt unconditional love and loyalty towards.

What makes this video so heartbreaking is the genuine heartache you sense in her abandonment. You can feel the betrayal in Electra's movements, and in her face, as she struggles to move forward in her life, both figuratively and literally.

While a human can mask their true feelings by putting up a brave front in dealing with a terrible situation, Electra can't help but show raw emotion in her emptiness that can pull at anyone's heartstrings.

There is a happy ending to this story though; Electra has been adopted and has been given a second chance at finding her forever home.

The video below has captured the hearts of so many people, and hopefully inspired others to go out and adopt a dog that felt the same way Electra did when being left behind by a family she loved.

The video of Electra's ordeal is below, but be warned, it may break your heart, not just for Electra, but also for the other dogs that have been left behind and have yet to find their perfect family.

To inspire others to share, or to adopt their next family pet, have them check out Electra's story by sharing this video on Facebook. While it is a tough video to watch, it may be what gives another dog a second chance at love with their forever home.

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