Fishermen Film Chilling Interaction With 15ft Great White Shark

Published June 13, 2017 188,862 Views

Rumble We've all seen or heard of those Hollywood shark movies before. It is because of those movies that our perspective on sharks has trained drastically. Shark are seen as these big, ferocious animals that live to terrorize people. Although that is not true, maybe some of those beliefs have a bit of merit as this clip seems like something out of a movie!

Darcy Russell and her cousin Andrew were just a mile off the coast of Port MacDonnell, South Australia, when they recorded this terrifying footage of a 15 foot Great White shark biting their boat and slamming it with it’s tail.

The video shows the beast circling the boat, just before it decided to take a nibble off the boat’s motor. The cousins say that the shark was circling them for maybe 10 minutes, but with the fright they were experiencing, it felt like a lot longer!

Another Great White jumped into the boat of a 73-year-old man off the coast of New South Wales just a month before this incident, but only grazed the skin on his forearm. The otherwise unharmed pensioner was able to call the Coastguard for help.

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