Nanhu Bridge demolished in 3.5 seconds

NewsflarePublished: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 20172,437 views
Published: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 2017

Impressive footage of Nanhu Bridge demolished in 3.5 seconds in in Changchun, the capital of northeast China's Jilin province.

The aerial video, filmed in Changchun, Jilin Province on June 11, shows the bridge built in 1978 being brought down by explosives, sending a plum of dust and debris into the sky. The bridge will be replaced by a new one which is expected to open in September this year.

The team of engineers used 710 kilograms of explosives to bring down the bridge on 11 June 2017. In what looks like a scene from an action movie blockbuster, we see the bridge falling down in sequence, giving way to dust and debris in just three and a half seconds. According to reports, clearing up all that debris will take up to five days.

The new bridge will span 150 meters long and 26 meters wide. Out of the entire surface of the new bridge, 16 meters will be for automobile traffic and 5 meters for pedestrians on either sides of the street. It is designed to last the good people of Changchun for 100 years and is projected to be open for use by September of this year.

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