Watch How These Fierce Predators Get Lost In Seconds Outside Their Habitat

Storyful Published June 12, 2017 1,288,168 Plays

Rumble - Alligators are apex predators. What that means is they are at the top of the food chain in their habitats. They can be very smart, but in this day and age, with humans at every corner, even alligators can get lost.

They have been known to wander into people’s back yards, take a swim in their pools, even walk into stores or fall down manholes! That is why the good people at the sheriff’s department and wildlife rescuers are always here to lend a helping hand - extended by a rope and a rod, of course.

Gators are actually timid towards humans; when they see a human approaching, they will walk or swim away. This is the main reason why people think it’s safe for them to approach an alligator’s nest, which can be perceived as a threat and may cause the animal to attack in self-defense.

In fact, alligator attacks are still extremely rare. Statistics in Florida say that the likelihood of a Florida resident being injured in an UNPROVOKED alligator attack is roughly one in 2.4 million, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They put the emphasis in “unprovoked”, because if you ever try to feed a gator or step into their territory, they will defend themselves the best they know how - by flashing their teeth and most probably pouncing in your direction.

But if such a thing happens, just run in a straight line. It is the quickest and shortest way to your salvation.


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  • zanzan123, 1 year ago

    Aligators can run at speeds of 40 miles an hour in a short spurts - good luck outrunning one

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