Clever Dog Lets The Cat In And Closes The Door After

StoryfulPublished: June 10, 2017676 views
Published: June 10, 2017

Everyone, you just have to meet Kiko! Kiko is a Border Collie in Serbia who is an amazing friend and an excellent friend to his buddy the cat!

Every dog owner knows how beneficial it can be to teach their dog a trick or two. The usual ones are always best to start with, things like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’. When the pooch has those handled, then you can proceed with the fun stuff, such as ‘fetch a beer’. Clips where dogs bring a cold can of beer to their owner and then remember to close the fridge door are always a treat to watch.

Not every door knows to open a door, but Kiko has that perfected to the T. Whenever his owner notices the family cat sitting outside on the balcony, waiting to be let in.

“Go to the door, Kiko, open it” says his owner and the dog jumps to its feet, running for the door handle. He opens it with such incredible ease, then proceeds to push it open further, so that the cat might get inside.

“Come here, Kiki” the human asks for his companion back. “Now close the door” commands the owner and the Collie obeys, pushing the door closed.

If it were any other dog, it might have stood on his side of the door and mock the cat for being out in the cold. But not this buddy. Good job, Kiki!

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