Fishermen have close encounter with orcas

NewsflarePublished: June 10, 2017463 views
Published: June 10, 2017

A video has emerged from Alaska, USA of fishermen having a very close encounter with some orcas.

The footage, captured on May 31, shows a man touching one of the huge animals as it swims right next to their fishing boat. ''These orcas came right to our boat and circled around us for over an hour.'' the person who recorded the footage later wrote online.

The fishermen’s account says that the whales were eating a harbor seal that they have killed and were in good spirits, so they came real close to the boat and were letting the fishermen touch them.

Killer whales are known for their curiosity and learning ability. Alaskan killer whales have learned how to steal fish from longlines, which forces fishermen to pick up their catch in small batches, so that the whales don’t come and claim it as their lunch.

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