Fishermen Catch Baby Whale Shark, Tourists Bargain For Its Release

StoryfulPublished: June 9, 2017202 views
Published: June 9, 2017

A group of tourists was present in Ambon, in the east of Indonesia, when local fishermen captured this infant whale shark. Dragged to the shallow waters near the shore, locals were climbing on its back and tormenting the poor creature.

Several of the tourists present for the gruesome ordeal pleaded with the fishermen to release the creature. As the group of tourists come off a nearby boat, one of the people, who has been revealed to come from Russia, bargained with one of the fishermen, with the help of a translator, to release the baby <a href="" target="_blank">whale shark</a> for a price. He paid the man 1 million rupiah, which translates to roughly $75, to let the harmless creature go.

At the end of the clip, the juvenile whale shark can be seen swimming away safely.

The world’s largest fish, <a href="" target="_blank">whale sharks</a> are protected under Indonesian law, but the insane demand for their meat, fins and oil means that they are still under serious threat by poachers. The ICUN Red List of Threatened Species has categorized the animal as endangered and says that over the past 75 years the global whale shark population has declined more than 50 percent.

The animal is found throughout the tropical and temperate seas of the Indonesian archipelago, feeding on plankton.

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