Great White Shark Attack Caught On Camera

Storyful Published June 9, 2017 921,869 Plays

Rumble This could be the real-life version of Jaws!

On a recent dive off the Santa Barbara coast, college student Tyler McQuillen took on a charging shark and won after jabbing the great white with his spear gun.Tyler McQuillen was swimming in about 10 feet of water at the time and captured the entire dramatic incident on his GoPro, attached to the spear gun. He also posted pictures of his injuries after the attack.

The college student was spearfishing with his friends at Refugio Point off Santa Barbara, when he was hit on the back by a huge shark, one he believes was close to 13 feet in length.

At first, Tyler thought his friends were pulling pranks on him by pulling on his flippers, without even realizing that the shark had bitten two of his toes. For a short moment there, Tyler loses grip of his speargun, but managed to retrieve the only weapon he had just in time before the shark came back.

Just as the beast was preparing to deliver its last blow, Tyler give it a good jab to the side and began swimming back to shore, not taking his eyes off from the spot he last saw the shark.

He didn’t get out with nothing though, as the shark had broken two of his toes, lacerated his foot and left this awesome footage on his GoPro camera.