Cat Takes Sparkly Bath And Spreads Glitter Across Home

StoryfulPublished: June 9, 2017223 views
Published: June 9, 2017

After using a LUSH Cosmetics bath bomb that left the inside of her bath covered in glitter, this cat owner forgot to clean out the bath before her feline companion found the sparkly tub. This compilation of the videos that were recorded shows exactly how much glitter this kitty got all over himself.

Owner forgot to rinse out the tub so this lucious black cat named Salem decided to dive in into the sparkly glitter spread all over the tub. This feline seems to be enjoying himself, bathing in all that glitter!

The cat is so sassy, he decided to get ready and shine all the way to the moon! With the excessive amount of glitter absorbed onto his fur, he is not far from achieving that goal. It is simply adorable watching how this curious feline investigates the tiny, shiny things nested at the bottom of the tub.

Salem should now be renamed into Sparkle, because he just turned himself into the real king of sparkle. Watch as this curious cat dives into the glitter and transfers it all across the room as she rolls around the carpet. Hilarious!

If you ever want to spread glitter all over your house, the easiest way to achieve that is to cover your cat in glitter and tease the cat to rolling over the carpet and rubbing against all your furniture. It is funny how this cat goes deep into the sparkles and enjoys having that glittery look. He is a real diva and enjoys having sparkly baths, especially when there is no water involved!

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