Kind Construction Workers Rescue Ducklings Stranded On A Roof

Newsflare Published June 9, 2017 4,884 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming video has emerged from Burnaby, BC, Canada on May 25 of a construction worker returning her babies to a mother duck.

A team of construction workers were working on a building that was scheduled to be demolished, when they found a group of ducklings stranded on the rooftop. Fortunately, their mother was close by so construction workers we able to deliver the ducklings to her.

Before setting the building up for demolition, one of the workers gathered all the little ducklings into a box, in order to relocate them to a safe place, away from the demolition site. A simple act of kindness that warmed our hearts!

Footage shows mama duck following the man with the box, from which she can hear her babies' cries. She keeps quaking for her babies to hear that she is close by and that they will soon be reunited. What a loving and caring mother!

When the construction worker finally reached a safe distance away from the demolition site, he tipped the box over to let the ducklings come out safely and reconnect with their mom. This was a successful rescue mission after which they went back to their jobs, with the mom duck and her ducklings moving on their merry way.

If these ducklings were left there they would have died. Fortunately, construction workers were informed about the ducklings, then they decided to initiate a rescue mission. They immediately gathered the ducklings into a carton box and brought them to a nearby field to release them for their mother to find!

They made sure that mother duck was following, after which the ducklings were released and quickly ran to reconnect with their mother. What a heartwarming moment!

Watch how eager the mother duck is when she firmly follows the worker who carries the box from which she can hear her babies crying. As he walks towards a safe place to release the baby ducks, their mother can be seen following him. We hope she keeps her ducks in a row and away from danger!