Incredible tightrope artist will blow your mind

Published June 9, 2017 7,654 Views $1.64 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsHow do you even begin to learn this? Check it out as a guy dazzles the crowd with his incredible talents. Amazing!

Tightrope walking has a long tradition in many countries, but has a most common association with the circus. A most recent derivative of this skill is an act called slack lining, where an acrobat walks or balances along a lengths of flat webbing, stressed between two anchors.

Slack lining came to wide acceptance and popularity because of it’s versatility - the anchors used in slack lining can be attached to any two vertical posts in various environments. The act has derived several varieties, such as urban lining, trick lining, water lining, high lining, freestyle and slack line yoga , to name a few.

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