This is what swimming with dozens of sharks looks like

NewsflarePublished: June 9, 2017123 views
Published: June 9, 2017

An impressive video has emerged of two people snorkeling in the middle of nurse sharks’ feeding time off the coast of Belize.

The footage, shot on April 11, shows the sharks getting so close to the person recording, that he was able to pet them. The owner of the video says: “Had an amazing encounter with dozens of Sharks and Rays while snorkeling off the island of San Pedro Belize in an area aptly called Shark Ray Alley. My tour company was Caribbean Breeze Tours. Skip to 2:30 min to see the real action.” They were on vacation when they decided to go snorkeling and what a decision it was!

Nurse sharks are considered to be near threatened in the West Atlantic due to being directly targeted by some fishermen, yet they are of least concern in the US and the Bahamas. They are nocturnal creatures, living mostly on the ocean floor.

Nurse sharks are opportunistic predators that feed primarily on small fish (e.g. stingrays) and some invertebrates (e.g. crustaceans, molluscs, tunicates). They are typically solitary nocturnal animals, rifling through bottom sediments in search of food at night, but often gregarious during the day forming large sedentary groups. They are capable of generating suction forces that are among the highest recorded for any aquatic vertebrate to date. Although their small mouths may limit the size of prey, they can exhibit a suck-and-spit behavior and/or shake their head violently to reduce the size of food items. (source: Wikipedia)

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