Plane Caught In Crosswind Forced To Miss Landing

Storyful Published June 9, 2017 4,861 Plays

Rumble A plane descending into Birmingham International Airport, England, got caught in the crosswind on Saturday, October 1, and was forced to miss its landing just moments before touch down. This footage shows the Airbus A321 to make contact with the runway as it is swaying, forcing the pilot to climb into the air again and circle around for a second attempt.

First things first. Wonky “sideways” landings like these shouldn’t alarm anyone. In fact, pilots are trained to perform exactly this maneuver in the event of strong crosswinds. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, don’t worry you are in safe hands! If the airplane has problems landing this kind of maneuver is performed, the airplane won’t land in the center of the runway – or on the runway at all. If the pilot isn’t happy with their first effort, he or she will abort the landing, as shown in the video and try again. It is not an easy job to be a pilot, right?

Pilots always have a plan B in mind if the intended approach is not safe or if the airport closes because of high winds. Updates on wind and weather conditions are communicated to crew throughout a journey to help with decision making. This video shows us how much it takes to be a pilot and the react quickly in this kind of situations! Amazing!