Audio of Britney Spears Singing ‘Toxic’ Without Autotune Has Leaked

starfisher Published June 8, 2017 88 Plays

Rumble Being a pop superstar isn’t easy. That is, not as easy as it is tempting to think. Sure, the trappings of fame are alluring and desirable; who doesn’t want a seemingly endless cashflow and millions of adoring fans?

The reality though, is presumably somewhat different to the glossy magazine cover world that we imagine superstardom to be. As we have all witnessed, there are times when boundaries of privacy are stepped over by paparazzi keen to get their desired photograph of a celebrity, apparently regardless of the indignity or embarrassment that might cause said star.

I’m sure the money, notoriety and adoration goes some way to making up for those times, although it should also be noted that it takes a strong mind – not to mention a good sense of humour – not to take seriously all of the wild rumours, allegations and theories that seem to constantly swirl, maelstrom-like, around the celebrities of today.

Few know this better than Britney Spears. The pop mega star rose to prominence at a young age to almost universal exaltation. Her “meltdown” was all too well documented, but Britney is a true pop star; she knows how to bounce back.

After a presumably much needed period out of the effervescent glare of the spotlight, Britney came back in earnest with a series of brand new toe-tapping sing-a-long pop hits that reminded us all exactly why we fell in love with her in the first place.

Audio of the iconic vocalist singing one of her most reconginable hits, Toxic, sans autotune and – it would appear – with entirely unedited vocals, has emerged online, and it will make for glorious listening for her fans.