Trainer Teaches Horse to Recognize His own Picture

StoryfulPublished: June 8, 201777 views
Published: June 8, 2017

Animals are much more intelligent than we make them out to be. Hero the horse is learning to recognize a picture of one of his own kind. Hero’s trainer saw great success with this exercise and hopes to continue her vocabulary lessons for horses. She teaches horses using humane, science-based methods including positive reinforcement/clicker training.

Who would've known that one day we'd be able to give a horse vocabulary lessons? Do you think that they'd be directions for the horse to follow, or would it give them a medium to communicate basic language with, such as notifying when they are hungry, etc.? With technology and general information becoming more readily available to the mass public, who knows what kind of applications are ahead of us.

Animals really are a wonder to us. The more time that we spend with them, the more that we want to learn about them. In the future, we will know so much about so many different types of animals.

Check out this horse that can recognize its own picture.

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