How (Not) To Make A Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner

TheBackyardScientistPublished: June 8, 2017Updated: June 12, 2017121,769 views
Published: June 8, 2017Updated: June 12, 2017

In the crazy era of fidget spinners, TheBackyardScientist made a giant rocket-powered fidget spinner, so you won’t have to!

Kevin Kohler a.k.a. TheBackyardScientist gives his own spin to the fidget spinner craze by custom building a giant fidget spinner out of metal and gave it an extra feature. The crazy backyard scientist added rockets to each of the fidget’s lobes, thus making it the ultra fidget spinner! He assembles his creation on a tripod and sets up a makeshift blast barrier, just in case. His girlfriend is already there, waiting to see what will happen.

This video shows just why every one of these videos comes with a disclaimer “do not try this at home”. Just when the spinner reaches speeds of over 5.000 rpm, two of the rockets break free, shooting shrapnel all over the scientist’s backyard, almost hitting his girlfriend and definitely hitting his car!

In case you were wondering what caused the dysfunction, physics has a simple answer to it - centrifugal force! The spinner was going so fast, that the gunpowder inside the rocket “engines” was being forced out the back and to the sides of the rockets, causing a magnificent shower of sparks!

So there you have it. You can make a self-propelled fidget spinner, but it is not without consequences. Definitely don’t try this at home!

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    • 1 rumble
      Giggle · 20 weeks ago

      I like this one because it's not a fake UFO vid.

      • 1 rumble
        Tomaf · 19 weeks ago

        He should make it aerodynamic and fly it to make a fake UFO vid.

    • 1 rumble
      Tomaf · 19 weeks ago

      There's no sound?

    • 1 rumble
      Kira7 · 19 weeks ago

      no sound on my end.

    • 0 rumbles
      Player_16 · 18 weeks ago

      For sound, click gear icon, reset 360p or 720p.

    • 1 rumble
      Tomaf · 17 weeks ago

      This guy came so close to putting his girl's eye out.