Great White Shark Crashes Into Cage, Struggles, Escapes

Storyful Published June 7, 2017 629 Plays

Rumble If you saw the video that went viral of a shark breaching a cage in Guadalupe Island, Mexico, you must watch this dramatic video of a similar incident at the same location in August 2016. This cage was much deeper in the water, and you can see the shark breach the cage, get stuck and then escape.

Diver Craig Capehart captured the entire incident on his camera while inside the cage. Luckily Craig made off without injuries.

Unlike this almost fatal encounter, the previous one left the shark severely injured and bleeding from the gills. That shark got so stuck in the cage, the team on the boat had to open the top hatch to let the animal escape. The diver in that incident also managed to come out unharmed.


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    I would have been polluting the water if that was me in that cage, I'd have shit all over myself! lol. No way for cage diving for me, I'll just watch. lol. Thank's for sharing.

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