Spear Fisherman Captures Key West Shark Attack on Camera

StoryfulPublished: June 6, 20179,692 views
Published: June 6, 2017

A man was attacked by a shark in Key West, Florida while spearfishing on June 4. Parker Simpson was attacked by a 8-foot reef shark while spearfishing near Middle Sambo Reef off Boca Chica in the Keys on Sunday.

Simpson often encounters sharks on spear fishing trips but said this shark “came out of nowhere.” The shark initially charged towards his friend and diving buddy but then turned on Simpson. The animal first bit Simpson"s left fin then took a chunk out of the right one before biting his leg and cutting the speargun line.

Simpson told Storyful that he thought the shark was trying to get the black grouper he was holding but the predator kept coming even after he dropped his catch. Simpson said he lost more than two pints of blood after the shark tore through the skin, muscle and the tibial artery on his leg. Simpson’s friend drove him to the hospital where he spent four hours.

The Caribbean reef shark occurs throughout the tropical western Atlantic Ocean, from North Carolina in the north to Brazil in the south, including Bermuda, the northern Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. However, it is extremely rare north of the Florida Keys. It prefers shallow waters on or around coral reefs, and is commonly found near the drop-offs at the reefs' outer edges. This shark is most common in water shallower than 98 ft, but has been known to dive to 1,240 ft.

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