Sharks, dolphins and gannets in sardine feeding frenzy

NewsflarePublished: June 6, 2017389 views
Published: June 6, 2017

A remarkable video has emerged from South Africa of dolphins, sea birds and sharks competing to feed on migrating sardines. The video shows dolphins blowing bubbles to herd the sardines together and then feed on the fish. Meanwhile, gannets rain down from the sky at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and dive under the water trying pick off sardines. If you don't know what gannets are, they are a type of sea-bird that can have a maximum life span up to 35 years! Even sharks approach from all sides trying to make the most of the rapidly diminishing bait ball.

This footage reveals one of nature's greatest phenomena - the annual sardine run. Flocks of millions of the fish move north along the coast of South Africa where they are eaten by dolphins, sharks and gannets in a huge feeding frenzy. Nature can be a spectacular and frightening thing. As sad as it is to see all those sardine eaten, you cannot help but to watch as this footage is mesmerizing in its entirety. You can find beauty in nature wherever you look, you just have to have an open mind!

The footage in this video is breath-taking. The vastness of the ocean makes all the more spectacular that these divers managed to capture something like this on video! It is clips like these that Go Pros are becoming more and more popular as people want to film amazing footage like this! All it takes is a camera and a little bit of creativity, and you have one memorable video!

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