Woman Finds Tarantula Hiding In Her Shoe

NewsflarePublished: June 6, 201795,573 views
Published: June 6, 2017

It is what nightmares are made of since the beginning of time. We will understand if you don’t want to watch this clip, but we strongly encourage you to, because it is awesome!

Fear of spiders is one of the most commonly found amidst the population. According to statistics, one on five men and half of the female population suffers from this phobia. It does not matter whether we are talking about deadly venomous spiders such as tarantulas or cute long-legged do-gooders who industriously decimate the insect population in your home and their only sin is that they have been born with more than six legs! Some people can fall into a stupor for seeing but a spider web let alone more!

The panic attack, as a rule, can occur at any time, most often during a “meeting” with a spider. People who are afraid of spiders react violently both to living individuals and to dead insects that are not capable of harming them. This panic phobia sometimes reaches the point of absurdity - even the image of the arthropod in the picture will cause a strong fright of the patient.

Summer is here at last and everyone gets rid of those clunky winter shoes to make space for some lovely sandals. But before you store your sneakers away, make sure that you are not storing a tarantula with them as well! The last thing you want to see is a tarantula in your shoe! This isn't the best hiding spot, this tarantula is lucky it didn't get crushed by the person’s foot!

Marnie Devereux in Yavapai County, Arizona, USA, was lucky enough to remember to check her shoes before putting them on because a massive brown tarantula had moved into one of her sneakers! This is guaranteed to make your skin crawl if you have a fear of spiders! Who doesn't love finding a tarantula in their shoes?
Our brave girl Marnie surprisingly sounds calm when the spider crawls out of its new apartment and onto the pavement in front of her. If it were one of us, we probably would have launched that other shoe towards the spider and ran away as fast as we could! And did we mention scream? Yes, scream until we turn blue! It is not a teeny weeny little harmless spider we are talking about here folks, this is a living, breathing tarantula! It is nice to see that there are people in this world who do not automatically get something to crush it, she let it live on with its life, awesome!

Check out this tarantula hiding in a shoe! Have you ever seen a tarantula in your life? How do you think you would react to it?

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