Orcas spray rainbows through blowholes

NewsflarePublished: June 6, 2017164 views
Published: June 6, 2017

An amazing video has emerged of a pod of orcas spraying rainbows from their blowhole on May 27 in Monterey Bay, CA, USA.

The video, shot with a drone, shows the orcas breaching and blowing out rainbows all together, merging nature and science! A wonderfully two-minute footage that will surely bring some serenity to your day.

Just in case you skipped science classes, here’s a quick lesson: rainbows occur when light from the sun hits the water particles in the air, resulting in an arc of the full spectrum of color to appear in the sky. The mist coming out of the blowholes of these orcas ifs fine enough to reflect the light beautifully, but too short for it to last, so the rainbows are tiny, but still magnificent to see!

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