'Movie star' alligator vs man in T-rex costume

NewsflarePublished: June 6, 2017552 views
Published: June 6, 2017

Footage of an alligator, who has starred in a number of Hollywood movies and TV shows, interacting with a man dressed in a T-rex costume.

The video, filmed in Aurora, Colorado on June 1, shows Morris the movie star alligator being petted by the gator handler in the dinosaur outfit. According to the filmer, Morris "has been in Happy Gilmore, Dr. Doolittle 2 and over 200 other TV shows and movies.

"He got too big and started to destroy sets so he retired to Colorado Gators in 2006 at age 50. We've been working on some of his old commands and stunts," he continued to explain. "He's getting good at stationing and coming out of the water on voice and hand commands. We thought it would be cute to see if he would take commands from a T-rex in case he was ever needed for a Jurassic Park movie and he did amazing."

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