Dog displays incredible fidget spinner tricks

NewsflarePublished: June 6, 2017154 views
Published: June 6, 2017

Ralfi the Jack Russell Terrier here is quite the performance artist! Shorty JRTs are the most lively dogs imaginable, yet this guy manages to show impeccable patience and stability! Just wow!

Watch how Ralfi manages to balance a fidget spinner on his nose while standing on his hind legs. And if that isn’t impressive enough for you, how about when Ralfi takes it a step further and balances a ball with the fidget spinner on top! Now how about that!

Don't know about you, but we have trouble just standing on our own legs, not to mention balancing something on our heads in the process, but this tiny pupper is showing some amazing skills and patience with these tricks. If it were any other dog it would either drop the ball to chase it or growl at the spinning toy, but not Ralfi! We hope he got his fair share of treats for these awesome tricks!

Even though originally invented in the early 90s, fidget spinners took the world by storm early in 2017. Marketed as a means for relieving stress and anxiety, they can now be found in every kids and adult’s pocket, and apparently on this doggy’s nose!

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