This Pregnant Kickboxer Is Still Training Like a Champ

StoryfulPublished: June 6, 2017
Published: June 6, 2017

Caley Reece, a <a href="" target="_blank">retired Australian Muay Thai kickboxer</a> who competed as a featherweight and lightweight still has the thirst for the sport, as evidenced by a viral video from October 19 showing her training like a champ despite being 39 weeks pregnant at the time.

Potentially the last time she can hit pads before giving birth, Caley wrote under the video post on Facebook that, despite some criticism from Facebook commenters, she’s not in danger and wasn’t going to give up her routine because of the pregnancy.

Reece won a lot of competitions during her past career and has continued to train since her retirement, as visible <a href="" target="_blank">on her social posts</a>. Her pregnancy is proceeding safe and well, with an October 24 Instagram post showing <a href="" target="_blank">a happy picture of herself</a>, at 40 weeks pregnant.

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