Puppy balances Fidget Spinner on her nose

RGVideosPublished: June 6, 201720,299 views
Published: June 6, 2017

This little gray Pitbull puppy is quite the performance artist! Even though they have a terrible, yet profoundly unwarranted reputation as a dangerous dog, Pitbulls are actually like teddy bears, they feel emotions just like us humans and can be very patient, especially around kids.

This adorable puppy shows it’s patience in a whole ‘nother field, and that is balancing a fidget spinner on it’s nose! It just sits there, looking back and forth between it’s humans, while the toy spins and flashes.

Pitbulls are known to be stubborn and training them can be frustrating, but they are very smart and can catch up their training very easily, like this little guy did. Just be sure to be kind during disciplining, so they don’t develop a resentment towards you.

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    warriorbride · 1 year ago

    the puppy is going WHY does my owner do this to me ??? LOL and When is this going to end ?? I love my owner but I don't understand why he makes me do this for? ha