This Bear Broke Into A Family Home To Play Some Piano

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Published: June 5, 2017

A bear broke into a home in Vail, Colorado for one reason and one reason alone, she wanted to “play” the piano. The whole scene was captured on the family’s home surveillance camera.

Katie Hawley came home to find her kitchen and living room trashed. Hawley assumed she was the victim of a robbery and called the police. Once in the home, the Vail police suspected the intruder was an animal and asked to review surveillance footage.

To everyone’s surprise, a large black bear appeared in the footage and seemed to enjoy playing the piano and made off with some food from the freezer. Not only had the bear made off with food from her freezer, the animal burglar appears to have taken a moment to “paw” a few notes on the keyboard as he foraged around her home.

Police in the town of Vail, Colorado were called to the scene of the break in and after surveying the damage suspected it may be the work of an animal. It was after that, that the homeowner looked at her hidden camera footage and confirmed their suspicions. It appears the bear got in through an open kitchen window.

The Vail Police Department had some fun with the amusing break-in and wrote in a press release that, “The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly. Although officers searched the area, the suspect is still at large.”

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