Tiny Fox Is Frightened By The Hidden GoPro

Published June 5, 2017 88,520 Views

There is probably several properties around the world with fox dens on them, just like this one. The people on this property decided to put a hidden GoPro in front of the den just to observe the family of foxes living within the den. Little did they know that their "hidden" camera wasn't as hidden as they thought.

Who would have known how adorable foxes could be. Watch as this little guy decided to adventure outside of the den all on his own and explore the property. When he takes a step out, he notices the camera and advances with extreme caution. Finally, he makes his way to the camera and curiously investigates this contraption. Then he knocks it over and scrams.

A group of foxes are called a skulk or leash and a male is called a dog fox while a female is called a vixen. They also prefer to hunt solo rather than in packs. They use their dens to protect their kits and to hide from predators.

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These people have a fox den on their property, so they set up a camera to see what happens... The results are adorable!

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