Witty Grandmother Tricks Drivers Into Slowing Down By Using Hair Dryer As Speed Gun

Published June 5, 2017 36,775 Views

A grandmother of four has solved her street’s speeding problems by holding out a hair dryer to oncoming motorists. This British grandma 'blows' away speeding drivers by holding a hair dryer speed gun in her hand.

Meet Jean Brooks, 67, who claims she has stopped dangerous driving outside her home by pretending her hair dryer is a speed gun. Neighbours claim they have noticed a remarkable difference in drivers’ speed outside their homes since Jean started holding hair dryer over her garden fence.

This witty grandmother has become an internet sensation thanks to her incredible idea to use hair dryer to fool speeding drivers into slowing down.

Jean Brooks, 64, from Nottingham uses her unique technique on a daily basis, trying to improve safety on her street. Footage clearly shows cars speeding along the road and hitting the breaks the moment they notice Jean holding her black hair dryer that looks so much like a radar gun!

This witty lady deserves a medal and a special honor roll for her amazing idea which serves a better cause! Apparently, she hasn’t came up with this idea herself, but heard it from a friend who told her about an idea originating in France, where someone had pointed their hairdryer at cars to slow them down.

Ms Brooks decided to put this idea into practice after a family tragedy. In addition, she had created a cafe in her front garden at home in Hucknall to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, following the death of her son-in-law.

Surprisingly, this lady found that this way of stopping speeding vehicles with nothing more than hot air proved very effective! Ever since, she became a local folk hero in Nottingham, she silenced all those vehicles that were previously zipping through her quiet neighborhood at double the 30 mph speed limit and literally took matters into her own hands!

Instead of calling the sheriff, this brave lady grabbed her hair dryer and started pointing it at the vehicles as they drove by, convincing them that it was a radar gun! The only thing missing from the puzzle is her wearing a sheriff’s uniform! Good job, Jean!

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