Determined Cockatoo Plays Tag Around The House With Adorable Puppy

Caters_NewsPublished: June 5, 2017124,856 views
Published: June 5, 2017

Well this is an unlikely duo that you wouldn't expect to see running around the house! It is one of the most adorable things that you will see! Get ready to see a video that will brighten anyone's day! Here we have a house that loves both birds and dogs, and when you let both roam free around the house, you have something that you wouldn't exactly expect to happen! How awesome is this? With this game of tag, they are certainly getting in their daily exercise, so funny!

We all share this innate desire to have fun. Not only do humans have it, all species do. We see dogs playing fetch, and we see birds playing tag. Well here we have a little combination of the two. Watch the moment a cockatoo chases an adorable puppy around the house. You can tell these two have formed a lifelong bond with one another. What a great duo!

Wouldn't you want to join in this game of tag? Even though this puppy is too fast for the cockatoo, the relentless bird doesn't give up, in hopes that the puppy has a slip up. Isn't this just the most adorable game of tag you have ever seen?

Check out this cockatoo chasing a puppy around the house!

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