Portland Police Clear Park of Protesters with Flash Bangs, Pepper Spray

StoryfulNews Published June 4, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Police in Portland, Oregon, cleared protesters from Chapman Square during a demonstration from several opposing political groups on Sunday, June 4. Police said protesters in the park had thrown objects at police officers. There were reports of flashbangs and pepper spray used as police cleared the park. Reporters at the scene identified the group in Chapman Square as Antifa. They also reported scuffles in the area at the time police pushed protesters out of the square and another nearby park. Protesters who were evicted from the parks organized themselves into a march away from the park. The day started with counter-protesters gathering in the public spaces near Terry Schrunk Plaza, where a Trump Free Speech Rally was held. Police were on scene keeping the groups of protesters apart. The protests come as the city was still recovering from a stabbing attack on a MAX light rail car. Two people were killed and a third was seriously injured after coming to the defense of a girl wearing a hijab who was being harassed.