Man Carrying Unconscious Child Among Hundreds Fleeing Mosul Fighting

StoryfulNews Published June 4, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Iraqi forces advanced 800 meters into the Islamic State-controlled (IS) neighborhood of Zanjili and destroyed a number of IS vehicles on June 3, Iraqi Federal Police reported. They said they released hundreds of people who were held by IS in buildings in the neighborhood. Dozens of civilians, including men, women and children, were killed while fleeing Zanjili neighborhood in west Mosul, a Reuters TV crew reported on Saturday. Hundreds of others managed to reach government-controlled areas, with some carrying dead bodies in blankets, the same source said. This video was shared by a local media outlet from Mosul. The video is described as showing people evacuated from Zanjili neighborhood. People in the video said that IS locked them inside their houses and didn’t let them leave. Civilians were used as human shields, others said. The video also shows a man carrying an unconscious child at 6:47. The man said that the child was not dead yet.