Mini Shetty Playing Around With A Shire Horse – Dangerous Or Not?

nikosbrihmaniPublished: June 3, 20173,412 views
Published: June 3, 2017

The following video is quite short, so we recommend you to take a second and have a look. Rambo is a 22-year-old Shetland pony and Remy is a 4-year-old Shire gelding. In the video below you can see them playing together and some of you may ask themselves how could the owner of those horses let them play together.

Most of the people consider this to be dangerous, because the mini horse has been put among big-sized horses and could easily get hurt. Tell us what you think about the situation from the video. It’s not very clear if Rambo has been gentle or aggressive towards Remy, who seems to have no fear at all. He runs around with three bigger horses as you could see! Share this video with your animal loving friends and family.

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