This Woman's Call Brings All The Swans To Her Pond

StoryfulPublished: June 3, 20171 views
Published: June 3, 2017

A heartwarming video has emerged of a swan swimming toward a girl that he feels he recognizes as she makes loud sounds to call it towards her. You can see the swan in the far distance and slowly getting closer as this girl is calling out to it.

Swans have been the symbol of tender love and, after watching this clip, we are pretty convinced as to why. In this heartwarming moment caught on camera in just the right time, a loving swan was reunited with its partner after weeks apart, immediately sparking an embrace and a swan dance.

There are so many reasons why swans are one of the most magnificent creatures inhabiting the planet Earth. Their form exudes such elegance, they almost look too fragile. Also, there is something magical about their being. We have worshiped them for so long, they have even found a special place in our folklore, the magical swan that has the ability to turn into a beautiful girl, ring any bells?

Åsa Larsson knows her way around Kulning singing – a high-pitched Scandinavian vocal technique used to herd cattle or livestock. Back in July, Åsa tested her considerable skills on swans and the results were incredibly impressive.

Take a look as this might be one of the most peaceful videos you have seen today!

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