Bike Rider in Disbelief of Magpie's Relentless Assault

StoryfulPublished: June 3, 20171 views
Published: June 3, 2017

A rider filmed his unfortunate encounter with a magpie who relentlessly assailed his helmet after he rode through its territory on his bicycle on October 18. Anthony Newman was riding with a friend through Crystal Creek in northern New South Wales and came across a particular road where a magpie had previously attacked him; this time he decided to film his ordeal.

The bird, whom Newman nicknamed the “Chillingham Savage”, pecked at the rider’s helmet at least 13 times before finally leaving the rider alone. Magpies are notoriously territorial around their nesting sites and have <a href="" target="_blank">no qualms swooping</a> at perceived threats several times their own size.

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