Protesters Rally at White House After President Trump Withdraws From Paris Climate Pact

StoryfulNews Published June 2, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Protesters rallied outside the White House on Thursday, June 1, the day that President Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. This footage shows participants at the rally chanting “Love trumps hate” and holding a variety of anti-Trump signs which not only criticize the President’s environmental policies, but also his record on immigration and LGBT rights. Trump said the treaty was not actually about climate change but a “a redistribution of US wealth to other countries,” giving them an “economic advantage over the US.” Trump added that he “will begin negotiations to reenter either the Paris Accord or, really, an entirely new transaction.” French President Emmanuel Macron, along with other world leaders, responded by calling climate change “one of the major issues of our time.” The US’ withdrawal from the agreement puts it alongside Syria and Nicaragua, who have also not signed the agreement.