EDL Supporter Speaks During London Demonstration Against Trump

Storyful Published June 1, 2017 8 Plays

Rumble An English Defence League member was filmed speaking at a rally against Donald Trump on November 9, saying that Trump “is the man” and that he “is telling it how it is”.

The <span class="caps">EDL</span> member said he had come from Leamington Spa for the event, which took place at the US Embassy in <a href="http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/protests-erupt-outside-us-embassy-over-donald-trumps-shock-election-victory-a3391806.html" target="_blank">London</a>

When the <span class="caps">EDL</span> member is asked about why he believes refugees are not welcome in the UK, he says “because they come here, they rape our children”.

An unidentified man behind the <span class="caps">EDL</span> member can be seen ripping the sign of an anti-Trump protester. Towards towards the end of the video an anti-Trump protester questions why the group is listening to the <span class="caps">EDL</span> member, and attempt to drown him out with chants of “refugees are welcome here”.

Anti-Trump protesters then follow the <span class="caps">EDL</span> member as he walks away. The protesters make repeated chants of “Nazi scum”, as police act as a barrier between the two sides.